SEO – Organic Search

A steady flow of relevant, responsive visitors from organic search is usually at the heart of an online marketing strategy. SEO is the process that makes this happen. Much misunderstood, SEO is not about gaming or getting one over the search engines, it’s about persuading them that your site contains high quality content that deserves to be ranked well for its uniqueness, helpfulness and ease of use.

To be successful at SEO requires a blend of technical, marketing, PR and sales skills. The main elements of modern SEO, assessed in our free, expert SEO audit, involve;

Establishing Trust & Authority

Your site needs to be trusted by Google and to be good enough that others want to link to it, or to become a reference for your subject area. Who links to your site and how they do it, in comparison to your competition, is almost certainly the largest weighted component of a search engine’s ranking algorithm.

Producing Relevant, Content

One of the easiest parts of SEO to influence quickly, this involves researching your market and its needs, developing content that’s informative, and making sure that the search engine understands exactly what you’re about through developing a logical site architecture, content optimisation and crawler-friendly web design.

User Experience Optimisation

Although it’s tempting to think that Google can’t possibly assess whether visitors appreciated your site, through access to billions of data points on how users navigate back and forth from search results, it does. Keeping users on site longer, providing easy access to info, or taking care that your site is presented well on different devices are all examples of things which will pay a ranking dividend.

Website Performance

How fast is your site and does it work properly? Google is on a mission to make the web faster and easier to use. It’s clear that content is still of paramount importance but a fast loading site, optimised for different devices and with responsive servers could give your site a ranking edge.

Forrest Digital has a structured approach to SEO projects that begins with our free, expert SEO audit. We then discuss your objectives, what it will take to achieve them and how we will know when they’ve been reached. We provide you with the data, insight and knowledge you need to make informed business decisions.