Paid Search

With such a wide array of paid search providers, tools and services available, from the familiar text ads on Google to image ads and remarketing ads that retarget previous website visitors, we believe paid search is an indispensable part of online strategy. PPC provides unique benefits and insights. It can be the part of your strategy that spearheads your growth, or it can be used to reinforce other activities.

Paid search provides us with virtually real time data on what matters to your customers. It can generate qualified leads or sales from anywhere in the world, inform your content marketing plans, provide insight into which types of customer respond best to your offer, or help you decide how to redesign your website. The power to target ads not just by keyword, but by location, device type, gender, previous web browsing history or interests (the list goes on) provides an array of exciting opportunities for campaign design and sky high ROI!

The more we learn about where your ideal customers are, the better we are able to persuade them with thoughtfully targeted ads, carefully crafted copy as well as landing pages and offers that interest them.

We regularly work with:-

  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Facebook & Instagram
  • LinkedIn Ads

Whatever the platform, everything is measured, and tested to quantify your return on investment. Paid search campaigns could prove to be one of the most effective growth tactics for your business.

We’re also Google Partners and conform to their Third Party Disclosure Policy so you can be assured of transparency at all times.