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What do you do when you’re looking for something online? Well, you search for it of course! Whether it’s browsing for a particular website, shopping for the latest trends or requesting a service quote, putting the right words in the search bar can instantly fetch the results you’re looking for.

But now you’re faced with an overflow of results, how do you decide which one to click? There are so many options to choose from…

This is exactly the process your customers face each time they search for your business online. If you want your business to be one of the first results your customers see, it’s time to get familiar with paid search marketing.

Paid search marketing is a cost-efficient model which any business large or small can use to increase their visibility in specific search queries and you only pay for advertising whenever someone clicks on your ad. Also known as ‘Pay-Per-Click’ (PPC Advertising), paid search marketers place carefully targeted ads to help your business get found by people searching for what you provide.

Here’s an example of a search engine result page (SERP) if you search for ‘sausage seasonings’ on Google search:

Search engine results page on Google

Paid Search Marketing ads dominating a search engine result page


Without the need to scroll, someone searching for ‘sausage seasonings’ are already presented with what they’re looking for. They can choose from the three text ads on the left-hand side or browse through the shopping ads on the right-hand side.

This is also a great example of why you shouldn’t rely only on one marketing platform. In the example above there is only one organic listing from Weschenfelder (who are also our client, hello Weschenfelder team!). You can see the benefit of paid search marketing, in just one search our client are dominating the results with 7 out of 16 possible listings!

What’s great about paid marketing in 2022 is the seamless user experience and high quality and relevance of ads. Paid advertising platforms value their user experience above all else. And through processes such as Google’s quality checks and Microsoft’s quality score, gone are the days of pop-ups and ‘spammy’ ads disrupting your screen. 

Paid advertisements are presented to your customers in a way that naturally fits in with their expectations of a search engine results page (You can spot which results are paid marketing by the ‘Ad’ label).

The opportunities of paid search marketing are endless:

  • Increase business exposure and brand awareness 
  • Contribute to your business’ website traffic
  • Beat your competition’s position
  • Target customers in real-time
  • Reach a wider audience with multiple networks such as YouTube, Gmail and Shopping listings.
  • Show your ads to previous customers with paid remarketing campaigns


Now you may be wondering, how do I get my business started with paid search marketing? 

If you already have a Google Ads or Microsoft Ads account, you can request a FREE PPC audit from Forrest Digital by clicking this link

If you don’t yet have any Ads accounts or would like to discuss our paid marketing service further, you can contact us through this form, or send an enquiry to hello@forrestdigital.com and one of our team will be happy to get you started on your paid marketing journey.


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