PPC and SEO go together like a horse and carriage!

PPC and SEO - Forrest Digital

According to research, there’s currently the highest ever number of brands with listings in both paid and organic search, across a high number of sectors.

It seems that a large number of search engine users don’t consciously click on a paid or organic search to find you, they just search and click. If your brand is visible twice in search listings, the chances of clicking through to your site are doubled, not to mention the fact that you’ve locked one of your competitors out of some valuable search real estate.

So smart digital marketers are putting equal importance on paid and organic search. It’s not just that the number of leads and revenue will grow from this approach, it’s well-documented that there’s a perceived superiority of brands with multiple listings in search.

Less obviously, the data about customer preferences you can get from paid search campaigns can be priceless. AdWords is one of the most powerful tools used by savvy marketers to understand the priorities for their content development plans. It can unveil the search queries that provide insight into what people are really interested in reading about, watching or buying.

Armed with the data from your paid search, you can tailor your blogs or the content on your site to satisfy potential customers’ thirst for knowledge, and make it more likely you get their business. With some too-good-to-ignore calls to action on the page, and some split testing of landing pages, you could be well on your way to turning more searchers, organic or paid, into valued leads, or even better, customers!

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