Client:  Vixen – Surface Treatment Equipment

Services: Strategy, Analytics, Site build, Site localisation, International PPC, SEO

Vixen has a successful UK business and a desire to expand internationally. Through an introduction made by UKTI, we initially worked with Vixen to help them find new leads in the USA, developing an online marketing strategy involving a new website optimised to perform well in the USA, with SEO and PPC campaigns running alongside.

As well as US English vocabulary, the conversion-focussed website features various opportunities for lead generation through sign-up forms and downloads that capture information about the prospective client.

The initial work surpassed expectations and has taken revenue in the USA market to $100,000’s per year from almost a standing start in under 2 years. The PPC campaign has been extended to other english-speaking markets include Australia, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand

An ongoing program of content updates has also seen the site localised for seven other countries. Export sales are now a very significant contributor to turnover and profit, and the increased online presence has even attracted new distributors to the business. Vixen is in the top positions on Google for a wide range of phrases and with a growing distributor presence, sometimes the majority of online competition is from their own partners!

“It has been fantastic experiencing the growth of our US business through investing in our online marketing. It is certainly due to having the right strategy in place and Iain’s diligence and determination in making the strategy work through his efforts and coaching of our team. I would certainly recommend Forrest Digital to any manufacturing company wanting to achieve the same international success from a standing start in the way we have.”